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Dave Lehnert
11-14-2017, 11:06 PM
Just was reading about a new Bowling alley opening near me.
Bowling on the weekends will cost $39.00 an hour.:eek:
Think last time I went bowling it was $4 a game. Yes, it has been a few years ago;)

What does it cost to go bowling today.

Jerry Bruette
11-15-2017, 5:57 AM
Might be cheaper to eat at the local movie theatre.

Dan Hulbert
11-15-2017, 11:27 AM
I went earlier this year and it was about $25 for shoes for three and 5 games. Costs even less certain days.

Steve Peterson
11-15-2017, 11:42 AM
I predict that the price will come down quickly when they realize they have no customers at that price.

There is a bowling alley near me that charges $8 every weekday from 3pm to 5pm for unlimited bowling including the shoes. The highest price on the weekends is $6.50 per game plus $3.50 for shoes.

Rich Engelhardt
11-15-2017, 11:43 AM
$7 - all you can bowl - Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

John Sanford
11-15-2017, 1:57 PM
Just was reading about a new Bowling alley opening near me.
Bowling on the weekends will cost $39.00 an hour.:eek:
Think last time I went bowling it was $4 a game. Yes, it has been a few years ago;)

What does it cost to go bowling today.

That's $39 an hour for the lane. Regardless of how many people are on it. Or how many games you bowl.
I can bowl 3 games for $5, 9am - 6pm, Sunday - Friday, i.e. "matinee". That's because I'm a USBC card holder, bowling in two leagues at the center. Open bowling is more expensive, $5 a game IIRC, but still a darn sight cheaper than golf or hanging out at the sports bar, and we won't even talk about how much flying costs.

The cost of bowling is on par with the cost of going to the movies, less if you have your own shoes, and the food and drink are a LOT less expensive at the bowling alley. Plus, for those that care, most bowling alleys have beer, something that's not common at movie theaters. One of my leagues is $16 a night, the other $18 (3 games), soda is a $1 for league bowlers, and at the end of the season I get 20-40% of the league fees back, depending on how well we did. Some guys have an arsenal of 3-6 bowling balls, I get by with one. (I'm also in the bottom third of bowlers). One fellow who bowls in both my leagues has over 300! bowling balls. He's also bowled at least a dozen 300 games. Now, the reason he has so many bowling balls is because he has owned the bowling alley since the '70s (?) and has a second one in the next town over, so I count all those plastic house balls as his.

Dennis Peacock
11-16-2017, 12:31 PM
Open bowling at our bowling center is $3.95 per game after 5 PM and $3.49 per game between 10 AM and 5 PM Monday thru Friday. Shoe rental is $2 per pair.
If you want to rent a "lane" it is $39 per hour for up to 5 people on that one lane.

Charlie Velasquez
11-17-2017, 7:07 PM
1967 JoCo Lanes Marion, IN, Mon-Fri, rent a lane from 1-4 (might have been 1-5) for $1.25.
I went to a catholic school- St. Joseph day off, St. Patrick day off, St. Younameit day off, Holy Days of Obligation off,.....

Took my ball and a can of band-aids, walked to JoCos, found a similar house ball.
Rolled my ball first. Alternate balls so I wouldn't have to wait for the return.
Took my approach as the rack had dropped the pins, but before the rake was up.
Timed it so the ball would get there a couple of seconds after the rake went up.

After about 8 games I used a band-aid on the web of my hand between my thumb and forefinger.
After 12 games or so I'd switch to left-handed. Rolled a bunch of games that way, had a 160 average left-handed.
Finished up with a few games right handed again. Usually got 22-24 games in.

My first experience in a bowling alley was late 50's when I accompanied my dad and big brother. It was 10 cents a game if you provided your own pinsetter (my brother) and 20 cents if they provided the pinsetter.

James Pallas
11-18-2017, 7:09 AM
In order to make some change we would go to the local alley and set pins. No automatics. Cleared pins and reset. People would slide a nickel or dime down the alley. No change no set they could set their own. We would sit up on the ball return to be out of the way. Automatics put us out of business. So had to go back to hauling groceries.

Perry Hilbert Jr
11-18-2017, 8:14 AM
Mrs. was big into bowling before I met her. Had her own shoes and ball, competed in a league etc. Price suddenly skyrocketed and she dropped out. Although I did enjoy duck pin bowling the few times we went. (small ball, a bit larger than a soft ball, no holes and just launch it down the alley. ) Very few duck pin places exist. I do purchase bowling balls at yard sales when I can get them cheap. A friend has a bowling ball cannon. Frankly the cost of everything has skyrocketed. My daughter stopped ice skating 20 years ago. Her last year of skating competition cost about $25,000 My ex and I did not see eye to eye on such outlandish expenses and the ex paid the last year. I had good figure skates for hobby skating and they cost close to $400 for the leather and $200 for the blades. Hockey players pay ridiculous sums for equipment and ice time. Mrs. competed with hunter jumper imagine the expense of boarding a horse, trainer, transport to shows, entry fees etc. Some folks say a hunting license is dirt cheap for a recreational pastime. But add a set of no odor mossy oak clothes, boots, orange hat and vest, rifle, 4 wheel drive truck (many hunters would not purchase the truck otherwise) , gas, a portion of the insurance, ammo, scope, spotting scope for sighting in, reloading equipment, shotgun, rimfire pistol, centerfire pistol, and hunting gets Awful expensive,.

Ed Labadie
11-18-2017, 11:27 AM
I find it amazing someone is opening a new Bowling center....around here, they can't stay in business.


Myk Rian
11-18-2017, 3:28 PM
Might be cheaper to eat at the local movie theatre.
I don't think so.
Small cola and popcorn. $9.
I'd rather suffer through the movie without.

Matt Meiser
11-18-2017, 7:55 PM
"Upscale" bowling alley? We had our annual work part at one a few times. Much more modern and more lounge-like seating. Better food than any bowling alley near me (not good, better.) And they have a much better bar. Ours has both kinds--Bud and Bud Light. Blech. But I'm sure its a lot more expensive.