View Full Version : Maple scraps and a few metal parts?

steven c newman
11-10-2017, 4:35 PM
Old Butcher's Meat saws.....seen almost in every garage sale/antique shop.....
Had a few too many of these, just hanging around. had some leftover 1 x 4 Hard Maple...hmmm
I did have to go out and buy:eek: a 2' length of 5/16" all-thread, a wing nut, and a washer...
But these parts here came from the Butcher saws. Blade is 18" long, with 11 ppi crosscut teeth.
Works great as a crosscut saw....with no tearout on the backside of the cut..
There is only one wingnut to tighten the saw with..
The other end of the all-thread is folded into a mortise, to keep from twisting..

About maybe $5 in parts....couple of hours "play time" in the shop, while watching the washer....

Tony Pisano
11-12-2017, 10:53 AM
Nice little project. I picked one of those meat saws up at our local thrift shop for a buck. Can't believe no one else grabbed it.

Marvin Hasenak
11-12-2017, 2:16 PM
I've made several of that type of saws over the years, there is something about cutting a piece of wood using one that makes the world slow down. But I never thought of using a meat saw, I used what ever blade I can scrounge and adapter the blade holders to fit the blade. A lot of them were fret type saws that I used coping saw blades on. A bolt with an angle cut and cut from the end with the bolt head removed made the blade holders.