View Full Version : Removing those pesky tumbler labels!

Bill Stearns
11-10-2017, 11:45 AM
You might recall: ‘while back, ‘lot of us were posting ‘bout the time-consuming difficulties we were having removing “labels” from the various brands of stainless tumblers. (YETI, RTIC, Wal-Mart brands, etc.)
Everyone seemed to have different recommendations as to which solvent worked best for removing whatever “glue”, or sticky residue remained on some brands, after labels were removed. Plenty of helpful suggestions, so I’m not here to reignite that discussion.

Slicing thru the paper labels, quickly ‘n efficiently, was ‘nother issue I faced.
Started using a pencil-shaped X-Acto knife with ‘small triangular blade; taping off the blade edge that comes into contact with the tumblers - so, no scratching! Seemed to work for me!
But, just this week, I’ve discovered this incredible “tool” - kinda looks like a razor handle - normally used to slice thru gift-wrapping paper, nice ‘n straight. It has a soft-plastic guiding edge; so, it won’t scratch; a small, hidden/covered blade inside the handle; easily slides/glides right beneath the label - slices ‘em right across! - off they come! Mostly, just wanted to share this “find” with you! - the brand is "SCOTCH".

Oh, and BTW, for those of you who may recall: I’m BACK in the stainless tumbler engraving business!
(After having lost that outfit’s business, due to the mis-engraving of their logo ‘n the misunderstandings that followed.) I know now, almost certainly caused by my not having first wiped down the tumblers with denatured alcohol. What’ a lesson learned! Haven't had a problem since! BILL


Nick Hale
11-12-2017, 2:25 PM
I just use an xacto knife. lightly score it and it should tear the rest of the way if I dont get it all the way through. My best friend is my heat gun, 90% of the tumblers come off clean and require no further cleaning before powdercoat.

vic casware
11-12-2017, 3:49 PM
I got sidetracked last time i saw the last post about removing stickers
Has anyone tried ''Plastic Razor Blades'', sign people use them all the time.
Plastic Blades are ideal tool for scraping away unwanted materials without the worry of damaging the surface. Sharp Edged each blade is formulated to have a thin chiseled edge, which is flexible and durable.Plastic Razor Blades can be used on a variety of surfaces and detailing jobs.