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Raymond Fries
11-07-2017, 2:35 PM
Today is our 49th wedding anniversary. Whew, that went fast.

Also celebrating finishing the repairs on the garden room today. That only took 400+ hours.

Ready for some fun projects now!

Take Care and Enjoy Life...

Pat Barry
11-07-2017, 2:39 PM
Congratulations Raymond! Take Care and Enjoy Life...

Ken Fitzgerald
11-07-2017, 2:54 PM
Congratulations Raymond and Mrs.! 1968 was a good year to get married.

Shawn Pixley
11-07-2017, 6:22 PM

Mel Fulks
11-07-2017, 6:43 PM
Well, thanks for including us. You are on the right track....don't let arguing over which restaurant to celebrate in mess things up!! Onward! With joy and anticipation.

Mike Ontko
11-07-2017, 6:47 PM
Congratulations, Raymond! Any sage words of wisdom for those of us who haven't made it quite that far yet? Could it be that time spent in the shop makes the heart grow fonder? :)

Jim Becker
11-07-2017, 7:41 PM
Congratulations on that milestone!!

John K Jordan
11-07-2017, 8:20 PM
Today is our 49th wedding anniversary. Whew, that went fast.

Excellent! Congrats!

This weekend at a woodturning symposium a gentleman and I were discussing how few marriages seem to make it that far these days. I'm pushing 48 and he was at 43. Looking forward to 49 and 50 myself. Life is good!

I don't know what a garden room is but with that much time invested it must be incredible. :)


Bill McNiel
11-07-2017, 8:40 PM
Congratulations Raymond! Incidentally, I think that today is also the 100 year anniversary of the Russian Revolution.

Doug Garson
11-07-2017, 8:43 PM
Congratulations, I've heard the first 49 are the hardest so it should be easy sailing from here :p! My wife and I are at 31 so we have a way to go.

Frederick Skelly
11-07-2017, 9:06 PM
Congratulations Ray!

Wayne Lomman
11-08-2017, 5:39 AM
Congratulations Ray! And may your fridge remain full of coldies! Cheers