View Full Version : Need to Cut a Hole in a Sump Pump Cover for the Discharge Pipe

George Bokros
11-06-2017, 7:21 PM
I have a Radon mitigation system in my basement which require a cover sealed to the floor over the sump pump. I need to remove the cover to service / replace the sump pump. The old cover will likely not be reusable so how would you determine where to cut the hole in a new cover for the discharge pipe? The new cover will not be similar to the old one so using it as guide is not likely.



Jerome Stanek
11-07-2017, 6:34 AM
Make a cardboard template with an oversized hole then add pieces to the hole to exact spot

George Bokros
11-07-2017, 7:06 AM
Thanks for the response Jerome. I was thinking of the template route but thought I would check with others for any other idea.

Stan Calow
11-07-2017, 9:05 AM
Yes cardboard template. Note if the pipe kicks back or sideways when it turns on.

Matt Meiser
11-07-2017, 10:52 AM
Mine has a sheet of Lexan as a cover which I had to replace due to changing out a a water-powered backup for a battery backup. I laid out 2 perpendicular lines on the floor then measured off those. Since there's some flexibility in the piping that was close enough. I cut each pipe a few inches above the cover and added rubber couplers to make the whole contraption easier to remove next time. I should cut in ball valves on the two drain pipes so I can close one and let the other pump run still but haven't gotten around to it.

For sealing it all, I found the tape intended for housewrap worked well--sticks to the PVC, Lexan, and I even tried it on the concrete assuming I'd have to pull it off and switch to caulk but 2-1/2 years later its still stuck down. When I have to remove the cover I'll probably just slit the tape and then add another layer. Both the electronic radon monitor and the manometer show it is sealed well.