View Full Version : Local sawmill in FLA panhandle?

Sam Force
11-01-2017, 10:01 PM
Going to be in Panama City Beach and would like to get some local wood if there is a local sawmill close. Does anyone know of any?

Lee Schierer
11-02-2017, 8:04 AM
Try using woodfinder.com

Jim Huelskoetter
11-03-2017, 6:03 PM
Maybe look in Clist for an outfit in Bonifay that sells recycled lumber. Bonifay is about an hour north. I am a couple hours east, and haven't been there but sometimes the photos show potential. I don't know of a source for good hardwood in the area. Makes me wish that I was back in central Illinois, with local mills.

Greg Parrish
11-03-2017, 6:32 PM
Lots of listings on Craigslist in Bonifay and Panama City area. I found cypress from a place in Sneads FL as well.

Sam Force
11-04-2017, 9:10 PM
Thanks, I will check them out, what part of central Illinois?

Jim Huelskoetter
11-05-2017, 10:40 AM
Grew up in Effingham, then Danville for some years.