View Full Version : Rabbit Laser, AWESOME SUPPORT!

Bryan Rocker
10-27-2017, 7:08 PM
I wanted to take a quick minute and give a great shout out to Rabbit Laser USA located in Middletown Ohio. I needed a few parts and drove down and met Carol and spoke with her for almost an hour. By the time I left I was taken care of and then some. If you are ever considering a new laser I highly recommend them. Even thought the laser I purchased wasn't theirs they were great!!!


Michael Henriksen
10-28-2017, 12:38 PM
Always nice to hear stories like this. We mostly hear about things that go wrong.

Bryan Rocker
10-28-2017, 2:01 PM
Agreed bitching is so much easier :) I will say they had quite a nice selection of laser supplies. As Carol told me if you need something, take a picture of it and send it to her or Ray and they will probably be able to find it or an upgrade.

alan corder
10-30-2017, 10:26 AM
More praise here. Ray helped me, he is the MAN!!!

Bert Kemp
11-04-2017, 2:37 AM
I called a couple times and always got the answers I needed. Great folks to work with:)

Dave Sheldrake
11-07-2017, 6:53 AM
Ray's helped me out a couple of times when I needed parts my preferred supplier (HPC Lasers) didn't have to hand at the time