View Full Version : LaserCAM A2+ Settings and Maintenance Procedure

Michael Salvahan
10-25-2017, 1:09 AM
Hi everyone. I recently joined this forum and I would like to ask some questions regarding Techsoft's LaserCAM A2+ 30W.

I've been trying to cut and engrave from genuine leather. I was able to engrave successfully but for cutting, the edges are burnt out. Do you mind sharing some tips on how to properly cut it out?

On another note, we've only been using the laser cutter for more than a year, yet the original setting I'm using for cutting out 3mm acrylic (100% Power, 3% Speed) doesn't cut through the acrylic anymore. I have tried re-focusing (auto-focus) the laser but still encountered the same problem. My alternative was changing the speed to 1.5 - 2 % but the cutting speed would be really slow.

As a newbie with this machine, can you tell me some maintenance procedures on this? I've read the manual but most of the maintenance procedures there require an expert on this machine. All inputs are welcome.

Thanks in advance.