View Full Version : if it's not one focus issue, it's another!

Kev Williams
10-24-2017, 2:19 AM
So after all the time spent on the fiber re-aligning the laser head and red light trying fix the focus issue I spoke of in my other thread, it was working just fine today, then I start noticing something- I'm doing about 80 round pieces, two at a time, all identical, around 2" diameter, lots of text, and the bottom half of the text on the left part isn't engraving right. The top half is fine, and all of the right part is fine. Both parts are in the middle of the work area, nothing is at the extremes...

While I was ready to, I don't have much hair to pull out, so instead I pulled the lens out ;) --
glad I did--
this is the top-side of the lens, and my best guess is that this used to be a fly, and he got a little too much sun :D

He cleaned off nicely, thankfully, and whaddya know, the bottom half of the left part engraves good again!

___always something___

John Lifer
10-24-2017, 11:07 AM
guess that plastic cover might be worth something. I'll have a spider walk across mine now. several little one's nearby. Dang it!