View Full Version : EzCad help needed, Importing file

John Lifer
10-18-2017, 8:03 PM
I've got a reoccurring order for several hundred engraving for my Fiber laser. Same item, and same format. Simple three line engraving.
So I have been working with the EzCad software and the variable text import settings.

Finally figured out that an excel file can be used with headings. 'the system will seriatim read what to be marked' Geez, the chinglish is deep in this section!
So working with sample file, if I save in early version of excel it will import. I figured out that as I set up the text to engrave autoreset will enable me to go back around to the first line again. Appears prior and next aren't working properly as I can't figure out how to advance or go back one line. Any help there?

And it appears if I save the file, it won't allow me to reopen even the same file name with different contents. I would love to save the time and not have to set up each time that I run this order. Any help on this? I kind of think I'm missing something, but the manual doesn't mention anything, at least not in this section.

Thanks guys