View Full Version : Anyone have experience with IONIC Running Boards?

Sam Murdoch
10-10-2017, 9:57 PM
These seem like very decent running boards for my truck (I can use the boost up and the protection from parking lot door slammers). I've had Romik in the past and was very happy but they apparently no longer make them to fit my truck style.

The IONIC look as good. There are 2 models which appeal to me. The "Factory Style" look good but I'm concerned that the fitted again the body aspect of these will create a serious rust/wear area along the entire length of the body below the doors.

The other style - what they call the "Gladiator Style" - is set away from the truck body (much like the Romik) so that snow and water can freely pass through.

I think either kind would serve well as step up platforms just that the first might help rot out the truck sooner. Any thoughts?

I would be grateful for feedback from anyone with IONIC running boards experience. Thanks much.,


Bill McNiel
10-11-2017, 8:25 PM
I don't have the Ionic products on my truck, mine has local made Nerf Bars, but IMHO the Gladiator Style is the better choice. I agree that the Factory Style presents potential issues.