View Full Version : Painting the underside of a new cast iron sink

Stephen Tashiro
10-04-2017, 1:03 PM
Is it simple to paint the bottom of a new cast iron sink in a lighter color? - just use spray paint over the existing rough finish?

The traditional color for painting the underside of cast iron sinks seems to be black or dark brown. Most sink users won't look at the underside of a sink, but I think a person doing plumbing work under the sink would see things better if the underside of the sink had a lighter color.

Roger Nair
10-04-2017, 1:48 PM
Most plumbers I have worked around would fasten the faucet set and the drain assembly before setting the sink into the cabinet. Then connect water supply and trap. A plumber might appreciate the gesture of painting but it's largely unneeded.

Stephen Tashiro
10-04-2017, 2:35 PM
My question is whether the underside of a new cast iron sink is a typical painted metal surface that's ok to spary paint - or is it some sort of special surface that would need elaborate preparation?

Lee Schierer
10-04-2017, 3:48 PM
The "Paint" is usually a sound deadening material similar to Flex Seal. Paint may or may not stick to the material over the life of the sink. I believe Flex Seal is available in white and other colors.

Bruce Page
10-04-2017, 5:20 PM
Most plumbers I have dealt with had flashlights, Iím not sure why youíre concerned about it. That said, my 7 yr old Kohler cast iron kitchen sink looks dry & paintable.

Wayne Lomman
10-05-2017, 1:09 AM
If it is bare metal, prime it with an oil based metal primer and top coat it with an oil based enamel in the colour of choice. Whatever you do, don't use water based for this! You will sincerely regret the rust bleeding through. If it is already painted and in good condition, a coat or two of oil based enamel will do the trick. Cheers

Stephen Tashiro
10-05-2017, 12:49 PM
I called American Standard to ask about a not-yet-installed "Regalyn" wall mounted sink. Their advice was that the underside of the sink can be painted, but it voids the 1 year warranty. I'm not sure that the people who gave this answer know the technical details of the product.

The underside of this particular cast iron sink is black, so it might have a "black oxide" finish, which (as I understand) is a good surface for accepting paint.