View Full Version : Fiber settings vanished--?

Kev Williams
09-29-2017, 1:20 PM
Man, the silence on the board the past few days is deafening... Hopefully it's because everyone's machines are working, shipping is on time and money is being made! :)

That said-- last night out of the blue my Fiber's alignment settings just, went away, for lack of a better explanation... I put a 3" x 6" tall plate on to engrave, redlighted the border, and found the red rectangle measured about 3-1/8 x over 6-1/4"...? Measured the plate, it was 3x6... checked the screen dims, 76.2 x 152.4... Checked the focus, dead to rights. I engraved the outline, perfect clone of the red outline.

I also had to correct trapezoid errors and had to re-align the red light afterward. She's perfect again, and this time I screen-shot all the numbers so if it happens again I can just re-input the corrections.

I know the settings are stored on the computer and not in the machine, found that out when changing computers... pretty sure its the ...EZCad/Param/MarkParam.lib file, but I'm not positive. There's the "use the correction file", tried that but I believe if one exists it's on the laptop, which I'm not using.

Just wondering why this happened...?

Neville Stewart
09-29-2017, 2:08 PM
Happened to me one time also. Some combination of settings gave me a 1/1000 size setting on art. Just loaded a copy of a working version from our dear friend Gary Hair, and all was well. Learned that lesson and saved a copy of the worker for the next time.

John Lifer
09-30-2017, 11:32 AM
The parameters file is just saved power(right side settings) I've had mine act stupid a couple of times and I'd just power down and back up. No telling.

Kev Williams
09-30-2017, 2:35 PM
I know the params file holds personal settings, just don't know where the not-so-personal settings are kept, thought maybe in the same file. (I just found out you can open the param file in notepad)... I know they're somewhere on the computer because switching computers to run the machine (done this twice now) puts the alignment back into 'factory' state.

I powered down, rebooted, called up several saved jobs, i just ended up spending a couple of hours re-aligning, it's probably better than it ever was :)

--- I'd just like it to stay that way!