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Kristian Matz
09-28-2017, 5:22 PM
I have been cutting a lot of 5mm baltic birch, 99% of the time it cuts without a problem. On occasion I hit a hard spot or something in the wood that does not cut through.

In job control is there any way to re-run just selected parts of the job that I just finished? I am trying to avoid re-running the whole job or going back into corel to change the art to just run the parts I need.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you

Michael Henriksen
09-28-2017, 7:48 PM
Change the color of the parts you don't want to cut, set they output to "no" for that color.

Dave Garrett
09-30-2017, 1:10 AM
I run into this problem frequently. unfortunately you cant do what you are asking. the only work-arounds i've found so far are to first and foremost have your item snugly squared up before you make any initial cuts. this way if you need to go over any areas again you wont have alignment issues. I use snap job to laser position and my red-dot pointer along with registration marks when my job isnt a right angle i can slide into the corner of the bed. Next, you'll have to either mask your item with something sacrificial (more of an engraving thing than cutting) or take your item out of the laser altogether while you re-run the file and pause it when it gets to the part you need to double over. re-insert the item or remove your sacrificial mask object (such as a plank of wood) and un-pause when you are confident of your alignment.
I agree this approach is clunky and annoying. but on a large and long job with a minor imperfection it can be the way to go.
make note of your z axis value in job control before you drop your table to make room for the mask object as there is no way that I have found to auto-focus mid-job in JC 10.6.
hope that helps. there may be better ways, most people will say to adjust your file but I totally understand how that can be a less desirable solution.

on a side note:
mostly, this problem is the result of losing connection with the machine due to cable jostling for me. when engraving stops mid-job and you have to re-boot or power-cycle the machine to get re-connected you can cover the engraved part with something just up to the edge of where it stopped and the run it all again effectively masking whats already been done.

Kev Williams
09-30-2017, 3:12 AM
If you're using Corel, there is an easy way to do this...
go into node-edit mode,
add a node to the vector line just before and beyond the area that didn't cut,
break apart those 2 nodes,
click on the vector line to highlight it,
now un-combine it...
now you can click on just that section of line you need to re-cut, and send only that to the laser...

you can just click "undo" a few times to put it all back the way it was :)

Mike Null
09-30-2017, 9:30 AM
I agree with Kev. Once you follow his steps, select "selection" and print.