View Full Version : Has anyone set up an AMAZON Business account?

Sam Murdoch
09-28-2017, 11:36 AM
For some reason I am reluctant to give up all my info to them to do this - ID # etc.
Is there a savings and convenience that might make this worth while or is this just another way for them to set the hook? :rolleyes:

Thank you.

William Adams
09-28-2017, 11:39 AM
I had to do it (or something similar) when it seemed likely that my sales would cross over some threshold (they failed to) --- it all seemed pretty-straight-forward income reporting information as required by the IRS.

Greg R Bradley
09-28-2017, 12:06 PM
Business account to BUY? I have one of those. Big advantage is you can choose items that are for resale and have no sales tax charged. Buying something with sales tax and then selling it is a real hassle for bookkeeping.

Business account to SELL? I have one of those. That's where they may want lots of info and there are minimum monthly charges.