View Full Version : Using rub n buff on cultured marble

Luke Puckett
09-25-2017, 3:20 PM
A funeral home contacted us about doing some engraving on an urn. They said it was cultured marble. Didn't know if anyone had ever used rub n buff on cultured marble. If so, how does it look and how long will it last? Any information on these two questions would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Luke

John Lifer
09-25-2017, 6:31 PM
Should work ok, as long as it is interior use,which I would expect. The cultured marble is a polyester based material, rnb is mineral spirits based.

Bill Stearns
09-25-2017, 7:10 PM
By now, I imagine you’ve probably learned whether Rub ‘n Buff worked on that urn, uh?

I’ve learned some ‘bout the “urn business” from working with a local funeral home. I learned that funeral homes can specify engraving, when ordering urns from their vendors.Thought I might be on to something steady by offering my service - but quickly realized, they would only need me, whenever the (engraving) need was urgent! (i.e. funeral this weekend!) Also, found I wouldn’t be able to charge enough for my service, ‘cause, at that point, the urn’s price, for the most part, was already established with their customer.

The first ‘n only urn I did for ‘em turned out not to be marble, but a look-alike composition. Might’ve been your cultured marble? - (per Google: a blend of stone particles and resins combined with pigments to produce realistic, natural patterns.) Was later told it's the same stuff that football helmets are made of; don't know for sure. Fortunately, I didn’t ruin the urn - still, it wasn’t all that readable. I was able to successfully color fill with gold acrylic paint. (Have never gotten ‘round to trying Rub ‘n Buff.)

Anyway, I decided I wouldn’t engrave directly on urns, anymore, due to the cost of urns ‘n risk factor. (Ruin an urgently needed urn, just once, ‘n you’ll see what I mean.) I'll share this idea with you: to get ‘round this, I’ve been engraving flexi-brass plates for their urns (gold, or silver), same day service - which, frankly, they’ve been finding an acceptable solution! (I have a template set up, so they know what they’ll be getting.) Quick ‘n easy ‘n the best part ... no risk on their part, or mine! - BILL