View Full Version : Issues with vector vs. raster on ULS 600

Brian Lamb
09-23-2017, 7:45 PM
I had some issues a month back or so when Windows 10 did an update and completely messed up my X-600 driver. Reloaded that and the laser is working well, except, I am having issues when wanting to raster some engraving and then vector out the part. Today I was working on putting a VFD on my old drill press and wanted to make a switch cover. Drew it up with some black text and lines to be engraved, then the three round holes and square hole for the switch are blue, the outline is red.

When I tried lasering it, I get a raster pass for all of it, black, red and blue and no vector cutting at all. I took pictures of my settings on all the pages, I don't see what/why it's working this way, so thought maybe somebody else here would have an idea.

The first screen you see when you open the printer driver, General tab


The second tab, Color


The third tab, Composite


The fourth tab, Layout


The fifth, PrePress


This is when you hit Preferences from the "General" print tab, where you set your power settings and colors


The engraving field tab


And the Advanced tab


Kev Williams
09-24-2017, 1:07 AM
I miss looking at that driver :)

Last page, you're in halftone, which I don't think will vector- change that to black/white--

Also, make sure your outlines are 'hairlines' in Corel, anything above hairline won't vector...

Brian Lamb
09-24-2017, 5:35 PM
Hi Kev,

Thanks for that... switching to black and white is probably going to help, but I've realized in all of this that my color palette is wrong, way too many colors and I don't know what happened to the "right" one. I went in search online and found a color palette on Engravers Network that is the MDColorPalette, downloaded that and thought I set that as my default color palette. I still get the colors when I hover my mouse on them showing in CMYK values instead of RGB and I think this is my issue. I must not have the proper settings for the palette....

Brian Lamb
09-24-2017, 6:20 PM
OK, success! It turns out the Windows 10 update must have messed with Corel and I had to go in and set the defaults back to RGB instead of CMYK. Did that and everything worked as expected. Oh and my previous message where I thought I had the wrong color palette, no, it was an RGB color palette, just not the ULS version, but it works.