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Dave Anderson
02-18-2003, 6:18 PM
I "registered" on day-1, Feb 11, 2003, a day I will always remember as the birthday of your new enterprise, SawMillCreek, because coincidentally that date was also my 25th Wedding Anniversary.

But, here's my question - When I registered, it was under URL "WoodenThreads.org" and I have that URL bookmarked. I can view and edit my profile from that URL. If I try to enter using URL "SawMillCreek.org" the site does not recognize me and asks me to register as a first time new member.

I thought the software was going to recognize "members" as such regardless of which URL the site was accessed through?

I'd like to come into the site on the SawMillCreek URL but not if I have to re-register.

What do you suggest? Thanks,

Jim Talbert
02-18-2003, 6:37 PM
I had the same problem trying to get into the board from my computer at the shop. I was not recoginized and when I tried to put in my email address and password the password was not accepted and I was still not recoginized.

Aaron Koehl
02-18-2003, 7:40 PM
This has to do with how websites use session cookies (like this one).

To make a technical story short, try:

<ul><li>Logging out (bottom right corner of the home screen), or,
<li>Clear your browser's cookies.

To do this in Internet Explorer:

Goto the Tools->Internet Options menu (or something to that effect)
Then click 'Clear History', and 'Delete Temporary Files'. Cookies may
not be deleted unless you check 'Clear all offline content' as well.

- Aaron

Log-winded Technical Reason (for those who wish to know):

One of the components of a session cookie is the domain name, in order
to prevent other websites from reading your cookies. Your browser is
in charge of maintaining this security. Internally, all of the links for this
forum are http://sawmillcreek.org/.... To your browser, an unauthorized site
(sawmillcreek) is requesting access to cookies set by woodenthreads,
which it will not allow.

So, log out of the board, clear your browser's cache, close it out,
then reload the forum from Sawmillcreek.org.

- Aaron