View Full Version : Maybe this is old

Jay Jolliffe
09-12-2017, 6:23 AM
but why does it say when logging in that this site is not secure....

Steve Schlumpf
09-12-2017, 11:13 AM
Jay, there is a push to get all websites to use 'secure' servers which up to this point have only been used when financial or sensitive information is being transferred. We have never used, nor needed, a secure server but all that will change when we switch from vBulletin to the Xenforo software platform. Not sure when Aaron will make that happen but I do know he is working on it.

Rich Riddle
09-12-2017, 12:30 PM
A new platform? Isn't there a saying concerning old dogs and new tricks?

Keith Outten
09-12-2017, 4:12 PM
We recently acquired the digital certificate. I'm not sure if Aaron is going to wait until he does the forum conversion or if he intends to setup the certificate on vBulletin.

We have not been in touch for several days, both of us have been very busy so I don't know what his schedule is for the near term.