View Full Version : Buying a 30watt laser new to forum looking for reccomendations

ian mcfarland
09-08-2017, 6:34 PM
I had been looking at 30 watt Laser-star 3600 model fiber open table. After lots of time reading and finding this forum, I am finding that these are not what real people are using and at 6x the cost of some of the guys signatures show, I believe I know why.

I have been approved for the loan through SBA to get the laser-star but I am now looking at Triumph 30watt fiber separated unit. I am convinced these are the same units as a laser star in both quality and internals. (please correct me if I am wrong and explain if I am)

It seems like I could by 5-6 units for the same price as 1 laser star and the quality and controls are the same, and are pretty much the same as others I see out there.

If you own a Triumph or recommend something else around that 5-6k mark let me know.

If you have a laser-star and have owned or do own both or have used both give me your feedback too.

Thanks for you help this is my first post here and I plan to post much more as we go.

Bill George
09-08-2017, 6:56 PM
I have a Ray Fine 20w fiber which you would know if you have been reading on here long enough. Its great for what I do, but the guys are getting 30w machines now. What are your plans for the machine?

ian mcfarland
09-08-2017, 7:41 PM
Gun markings, deep gun engraving, custom work and simple standard engraving for plaques and other things.

Bill George
09-08-2017, 9:12 PM
Gun markings, deep gun engraving, custom work and simple standard engraving for plaques and other things. Do you have your FFL?

ian mcfarland
09-08-2017, 9:26 PM
Yes 2 ffls

Kev Williams
09-08-2017, 11:56 PM
I have 2 Triumphs, my 80w 1390 'dumpster' and my portable 30w fiber. Pleased with both, and as far as China-direct customer service goes, they're great to work with. It does help that I can, and do, all my own repairs and maintenance to all my machines, and I'm not the least bit afraid to tear a machine apart if need be. So their customer service works for me.

Most low priced 20-30w fibers are pretty much the same, just assembled by different companies. Most seem to be built with common off-the-shelf items, like laser source, controller, scanhead, etc... even the enclosures don't change much between brands. The 'form' it takes- separate scan head mounted to a post, desk mounted, portable, detachable, it's all personal preference, none of which affects operation.

If you buy from the states, beware of crickets -aka 'but they never answer my emails'- after the sale. If you buy direct, choose a known company- Triumph, GWeike, Ray Fine, Bodor etc, but be Aware that while you don't have to worry much about crickets, 7500 mile-away customer service can be frustrating...

ian mcfarland
09-09-2017, 12:11 AM
Overall are the Triumph machine fibers good have you had many issues with them or not at all if you have had issues what problems are you seeing would you consider their wattages to be accurate

Dave Sheldrake
09-09-2017, 10:08 AM
Have a look at the M^2 figure for the laserstar and you will see why they are so expensive :)

ian mcfarland
09-09-2017, 11:08 AM
Please explain not sure what m^2 means

Bill George
09-09-2017, 12:29 PM
Yes 2 ffls

Looks like your good to go. I love my Ray Fine machine but Triumph seems to get good reviews on here also. Good luck in your search and endeavors. Lots of very knowledgeable folks on here.

John Noell
09-09-2017, 7:10 PM
I think Dave means square meters. Many of the fiber lasers have a very small marking area. The LaserStar 3600 seems to have a pretty darn big area.

Matt McCoy
09-09-2017, 8:38 PM
I think Dave means square meters. Many of the fiber lasers have a very small marking area. The LaserStar 3600 seems to have a pretty darn big area.

I think it has to do with beam quality.

ian mcfarland
09-09-2017, 10:05 PM
So is it quality of cut or cutting area? Any who can clarify?

John Lifer
09-11-2017, 9:56 AM
Cutting area is defined by the lens. Nothing more, ability to deep engrave is more power related, but I've found that it is more cycle related with power being a factor in time/cycles needed to accomplish the goal. Your open laser will only mark what is under the lens same as Chinese. Open is cheaper for them to make as the enclosures aren't cheap to construct and have several safety switches. Honestly, unless you are business that can throw money around, why buy laserstar? Identical software, at least tykma and a couple of other US companies have altered the software with upgrades... Sounds like you are borrowing money, buy a Chinese, Ray Fine, triumph. Get a 30 watt and you are set for guns. Faster than my 20, but really it is no difference unless you are repetitively engraving same design. I did a bunch of turned aluminum cylinders with flat bottom. Put a 60mm x60mm logo with added text in bottom. I can frost mark deep enough to feel in less than a minute. At depth he wanted, it took just at 2 minutes. I estimated 4 and made good money. Just want him to bring me several thousand more!

ian mcfarland
09-11-2017, 8:17 PM
I am looking a z-tech now and their qm 30 plus (80watt) or qm plus (40watt) they seem to have one of the best examples of their products I have seen. This laser will cut through a gun slide quickly, I have seen videos of it. It is a direct diode laser system and includes z axis - x &amp; y table and rotory on 5 axis. full 2d 2.5d and 3d, full color spectrum marking and cutting. 50k for the 40watt and 59k for the 80 watt they claim to hold TEM00. Anyone with input on these? https://www.facebook.com/ztechlasersystems/</p>