View Full Version : Laser cut looks like static

Richard De Wilde
08-30-2017, 6:07 PM
I have one of those 40w Chinese lasers. It has worked fine for a good while.
Suddenly the Laser cut lines look fussy and not clean cut.

I have re-aligned my mirrors, cleaned the mirrors, and put in a new output lens.
I have cleaned and oiled the guide bar, a oiled the bearings and rollers.
It cuts all lines as dawn, but they almost look like they are zig-zag stitching the lines.

Has anyone run into this before?

Matt McCoy
08-30-2017, 10:06 PM
Could be wheels. Check that they are clean and that there aren't flat spots on them. If the gantry has play, they might need to be adjusted.

Doug Fisher
08-30-2017, 10:19 PM
Have you double checked to make sure the lens is being held securely so that it is not shifting? The file is drawn correctly so that it is cutting vector instead of engraving, correct?

Joseph Shawa
08-31-2017, 1:33 PM
Did you cut with air on? Is your lens dark in the middle now?

John Noell
08-31-2017, 7:45 PM
A picture would help. A loose lens might be the culprit.

Dave Sheldrake
09-01-2017, 12:11 AM
$1 says a mirror is loose :)

Joseph Shawa
09-02-2017, 6:43 PM
I'd take you up on that....but only after a picture.

Dave Sheldrake
09-02-2017, 7:13 PM
I'd take you up on that....but only after a picture.

Seen it many times on K40's, sometimes it can be the lens but the mirror makes stuff look like tiny lightening bolts when they are loose :) usually the mirror on the left hand side of the gantry but occasionally the laser head version if the tiny screw comes loose :)

John Lifer
09-04-2017, 11:00 AM
Been there and Done it! I checked three times before I installed in laser the last time I cleaned lens!!!!

Richard De Wilde
09-09-2017, 10:23 PM
Sorry for the long reply time. Your theory was good, but not the problem. After complete realignment procedure, I found the retaining ring for the second mirror just loose enough to allow rattle. All is cleared up now, and project completed on time. You guys have always given me good info.
Thanks again

Richard De Wilde
09-09-2017, 10:27 PM
You would win a dollar. Retaining ring on second mirror was barely snug. Great cut now.

Dave Sheldrake
09-10-2017, 8:50 AM
Only because I've seen it so many times :) even on my own machines that use screw locking mirror clamps :)