View Full Version : Floor transitions and mop water

Stephen Tashiro
08-23-2017, 12:04 AM
Is it good practice to install transition strips between tile flooring and other types of flooring without using caulking or sealant?

When a tile floor transitions to another type of floor, I worry about mop water from the tile side getting into the gap. However, portrayals of covering such transitions (e.g.http://www.havos.cz/en/c01/c01.php ) don't show using any caulk on the side of the tile floor - or filling up the space with something that would keep mop water out, such as foam sealant.

Marc Jeske
08-23-2017, 3:30 AM
Stephen - I am NOT a Tile or floor expert, but if I were doing it, I would use Silicone Caulk generously under that transition strip.

Use Masking tape to keep squeezout off of finish surfaces.

Your concern of mop water soaking to the subfloor, seeping under tiles, etc. even if concrete.... is totally valid. Marc

Jim Becker
08-23-2017, 9:50 AM
I agree with Marc...I personally would seal it, but with something very flexible so that seasonal expansion/contraction isn't an issue. Just like in our woodworking efforts, seasonal effects apply to other building materials.

That said, I would think that it would be unusual, at least in a residential setting, for mopping to include excessive amounts of water. ;)