View Full Version : Raster and Vector mis-aligned Epilog Helix Laser

Barry Lawrensen
08-19-2017, 9:43 AM
I just purchased a 2nd hand Epilog Helix 50W laser. Just setup with exhaust and air assist, and testing a file in Adobe Illustrator.

I have successfully cut MDF and plywood. I designed a file in AI to cut 3mm Acrylic, and the engraving was approx. 1" off on the x axis (see photo).
I rebooted the laser cutter, and sent the file again. But the mis-alignment occurred again.


Anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong? My AI file is properly aligned, with the vector as a .01 pt stroke, and the text converted to outlines with black fill and no stroke.


Barry Lawrensen
08-19-2017, 10:12 AM
I found this in the manual; I didn't expect to need cleaning so soon, as the laser was serviced before we purchased it. Could this be this problem:
"If you engrave a lot of material that generates dust and debris, this can build up over time and prevent the optical encoderfrom working properly. Occasionally you may need to clean the optical encoder strip and the reader assembly. Theseare located under the protective cover of the X-axis assembly."

Kev Williams
08-19-2017, 1:48 PM
Probably not the encoder, when they need cleaning engraving usually becomes erratic. Your engraving and cut looks good, just way out of whack... and which IS out of whack, the engraving or the cut?

Is the engrave job and cut job sent to the machine at the same time, or separately? I see other 'stuff' on the screen around the graphic in question, have you tried removing those items? It could be that the program or the laser is factoring in those objects and offsetting one or the other based on those objects, especially if one or more of those objects is outside the table margins...