View Full Version : horizontal alignment of engrave offset from vector cut - rdworks

James Neathery
08-13-2017, 6:54 PM
see pics. is this a software issue? i haven't been able to find much info online about it. anyone else had this happen?

Kev Williams
08-13-2017, 8:08 PM
Are the squigs rastered or vectored?

Are they the same color, and if not, is the speed settings the same or no?

Of the two, which is in the correct place?

--I've had such an issue a couple of times with my Triumph, even have a video made of it doing it. I've kinda sorta figured out why it did it, but not WHY it did it..

To wit: I'm rastering about 6 identical shapes about 5" apart across 24" inches. The shapes are small so I make them all different colors and have the machine run them individually rather than waste time on 20" of dead air space. When it's finished with these shapes, it moves to a spot to engrave a line, which is another color. The line is engraved at a different power and speed than the shapes. When it engraves the line, the line ends up about 1/4" too far to the right. This is a bummer on a $200 operator panel...

.. the machine would do it every time too, not just sometimes. I tracked every movement of the machine, and I found the problem occured while the machine moves from the end of the last shape to the beginning of the next shape: About halfway to the new shape, the machine's display would 'blink', and then display the new power & speed settings. And when it did this, the machine noticeably halted, then continued. The new speed was slower than the previous speed, and it seem to 'change gears' midway. My thought is either the machine was supposed to move during the brief time it halted and didn't, and it simply didn't 'reach far enough'... OR, as the machine changed speed midway, the TIME it took to get to the next engraving was correct but the slower speed means the laser didn't travel as far...

Either scenario works, but WHY does it do this? If I leave the speed of the next item the same as the previous, then it doesn't mess up...I believe it's a controller issue rather than a software issue, but I'm not sure. Just seems it the machine shouldn't switch its movements until it gets to the next object..

So maybe yours is doing something similar? If your two objects are set at different settings, try doing them as separate jobs, or as one job with the same speed setting...

James Neathery
08-13-2017, 9:17 PM
i tried running the vectors alone and then running the raster separately but the same issue occurred. i have the workspace set to absolute coordinates so that the job cuts relative to the position on the table, that might be something to investigate.