View Full Version : Can you identify this?

Bill Jobe
07-22-2017, 2:08 PM
I couldn't find a subforum suitable for this so i'm posting here.

We had storms last night with heavy rain. This is a section of a dead limb that fell from a very large Pinoak in my back yard.
It appears to me to be a species of fungus
Can anyone identify it? The diameter of the sample is perhaps slightly more than 1"

Bill Jobe
07-22-2017, 2:15 PM
Here's the raw image.

Jim Koepke
07-22-2017, 6:18 PM
Looks like what some called slime molds during my college years. I think slime molds are actually a different type of fungus than this.

Google > gelatinous fungus < and click on images. You will see a few like it.