View Full Version : Thank You Rabbit Laser

Bert Kemp
07-18-2017, 9:51 AM
Last Friday My laser went down. Was giving me a communication error. I had ben getting this error off and on for a few weeks and the fix was to unplug and re plug my USB cable in. Well Friday it didn't work. So I changed USB ports still nothing.So I'm thinking I need a new cable. I call rabbit and tell Carol Scott my problem and she says they have cables but lets try a couple things first. So she tells me to go into the computer and do this and that and I'm like whoa wait a sec I'm not that computer savy, she say ok no problem and she walks me thru the steps 1 by 1 into the computer and a whole bunch of place and reload my drivers for the laser and after about 15 mins it done and wa la laser works again.So BIG THANK YOU to Carol Scott at Rabbit Laser USA for getting me up and running.:)

Scott Marquez
07-18-2017, 8:19 PM
Great to hear Bert, it's things like this that make it worth while to spend a few more dollars on a Chinese laser with US support.
I needed some help a few months back and they got me back on track in one Email, (yes, it was operator error, but it had never happened to me before).