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Kev Williams
07-06-2017, 4:17 PM
When I got the Triumph I went as cheap as possible. Since I don't cut much of anything I just got the cheapie 3000 'radiator' cooler.

Most of the time I can keep the air cool enough in the garage to keep temps at 24 or less, which I figure is fine for engraving.

However, yesterday was 105, today is going to be the same, my garage AC is a floor refer unit and a 'swamp cooler'... the swamp cooler is only raising the humidity to near 100%, and the little 15k btu roll-around AC just won't keep up...

Yesterday at 5pm with both both AC's going, the water temp in the chiller got to 28.9 just sitting there, and I have a bunch of outlines I need to put on a bunch of stainless operator panels. These outlines are a continuous island-fill vector that runs 22 minutes straight at about 40-50 watts worth of power. This heats up the water...

Replacing the swamp cooler with a window refer unit would take several hours and a new power circuit, and I ain't got that kinda time. And it's getting hot out! So I made a quickie water cooler cooler.

-- and it works great! :)

Bless my old man, if I need ANYthing, it's probably here someplace- sure enough, I found a nice coil of brand new 3/8" copper tubing, perfect. I compressed it down so it would fit into a small storage container. I put enough water in the container to cover the coils, maybe 2 or 3 gallons. Just used tap water from the front yard faucet. I put the container on top of a shelf thing next to the chiller, being close enough I just cut the incoming water line, and slid those 2 ends onto the ends of the copper tubing....

Before connecting up the copper tubing, the chiller temp was 24.9.

After running it about 2 minutes--

So I grabbed a handful of ice (half a 32oz cup full) and put in the water--

I then took to Cermarking the first big panel. Took about 5 minutes.
By then---

A nice 21.8 :)

I ran the outlines-- at the 12 minute mark temp was up to 23, so I added another half cup of ice.
Temp dropped down slightly, and came up slowly.

Panel finished at 22 minutes 11 seconds, this was the temp-

only a 1.8 rise in 22 minutes- and I could've easily dropped the temp with a little more ice-

Not as convenient as a refer unit, but hardly a lot of effort either! Took 10 minutes and I was working again-- This is the first time in 2-1/2 years I've had cooling issue, and I haven't missed paying the upcharge or for the extra electricity for a refer chiller :D

Hopefully this can help a few others :)

Bill George
07-06-2017, 5:12 PM
Kev, I thought you are in Washington state, hardly a place for a swamp cooler. If so the added RH% was dragging down the AC effectiveness.

Kev Williams
07-06-2017, 6:21 PM
Utah-- and I'm at a loss as to what's up with the swamp cooler, has new pads, water's pumping fine... right now my weatherstation sez it's 99 and 13% humidity, which is a 40 dewpoint... the LAST thing it should be doing is filling the garage with wet 80 air, but that's what it's doing. Pretty sure the weatherstation is at least close to accurate too.

Bill George
07-06-2017, 6:26 PM
What is the outside RH% or is that the Weather station reading? Never mind I see Salt Lake City is 97 Deg and 12% RH. Your swamp cooler should be in its prime.