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Daniel Norman
07-04-2017, 11:17 AM
I am a Mac user running RDWorks on Windows XP Running under Parallels and have been saving my files to a USB Drive. This have worked well till I started testing my rotary cutter (another post to follow). I can change the scale factor with no impact. I have not connected my machine via USB as thing have worked. Can I change the scale factor from the control panel of the machine? Do I have to connect my Mac to to laser to read and write venders setting.
Thank you, Dan

John Lifer
07-07-2017, 9:17 AM
Can't help with any Mac issues, but you can't change scale from control panel. you Do have to read and write if you want to change vendor settings. If you can, use the rotary use under users settings rather than vendor settings. Too many folks corrupt their vendor settings and machine goes haywire. That is the Chinese method.. There are Other better methods of use with rotary......

Martin James
07-16-2017, 12:18 PM
Hi Daniel, are you trying to design in laser works? if not what program. On the usb stick. I use disk utility to regularly erase the drive by formatting. You have to use the lowest windows format which is Fat or exFat something like that. windows parallels can not read some of the OS X formats. I normally us a different program to design and then only use laser works to set up the laser parameters and sometimes layers. for example if using a .bmp bitmap for engraving I might make a second cut layer in laser works to cut out the item after it is engraved.

To resize in laser works I would save to my folder called "laser works files" then I would resize by selecting the item and then resize using the numerical values in the tool bar on the top of the screen then I would "SAVE AS" to make the resized Item a different file (flle name "item 100x200") then "Save to U File" on the flash drive using name that you can remember.

Now I have the file saved on the hard drive and the flash. On the laser erase every file you do not need to avoid confusion.

If you have to try 7 times to get your parameters right that means you will have 6 wrong files, so a good naming plan and a good plan for getting rid of the junk files is very important.

can you please list your machine and setup thx Marty