View Full Version : Looking for input on focal lenses

Chris Toshack
06-22-2017, 11:17 PM
So I need to buy some new focal lenses for my 100w Nova 35 I'm told they are 20mm diameter 2" inch focal. Manufacture tells me $60 usd each plus shipping. Online I see lenses with these specs on Amazon and eBay in the $32 Canadian range with like $5-$8 shipping. The ones that came with the machine didn't even last since November so I'm kind of skeptical that they are any better than the cheap ones. Can anyone offer some advice, brands places to buy etc.

Julian Ashcroft
06-23-2017, 3:42 AM
The lens I'm currently running on one of my lasers, cost me 13.00 delivered all the way from China, it's been in the machine around six months. I inspected it a few days ago and it still looks clear and clean and it cuts and engraves great. I also have the original lens which is coming up to two years old and that's still in perfect condition, I just wanted a different focal length. Local suppliers prices are dropping too, but they still seem to be around three times more expensive than buying from China.

Steven Taitinger
06-26-2017, 2:54 PM
http://www.iiviinfrared.com/ I believe I have the meniscus lenses from this company that came with my ray fine laser. They seem good quality and I think were about 25 usd each with my laser (so shipping separately not included).