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James Combs
06-13-2017, 3:42 PM
Finally got my DIY belt grinder mounted on a stand. Kept getting in the way sitting on my Table-saw out-feed. Even managed to get some paint on the bare metal parts. The stand is the original supporting structure for one of the treadmills. It supported the control panel and hand rails.

Had to do a little shaping on the stand uprights to make them horizontal but height was near perfedt. Bolted everything together then welded parts in place. Did some finish grinding(to hide the lousy welds ;))
362036 362035 362037

Threw on some grey primer on all the bare metal. Leaving that color, may follow with some clear satin lacquer to cover/protect the primer, no need to mask for clear coat. :D

Added a convenience outlet to the side of the control box and a light circuit for a flex light. Note that the stand retained it's original wheels, back of 1st pic, right in 2nd. Edit: I meant to mention that I also added a retaining clip to hold down the belt tension-ing handle. It can be seen holding the handle in the 1st pic with an unlocked view of it in the 1st pic under the next paragraph.
362039 362040

Reassembled everything and checked out running, tilting, lighting etc. Will be changing the light to one with a longer flexible neck and maybe a little relocation of it's mount. The light wasn't quite ready for horizontal use where it was. Only addition I may make is a hanger or shelf for a bucket of water for the spark discharge area.
Edit: As noted above, the retaining clip holds the handle down to remove tension from the belt when not in use.
362041 362042

All comments are appreciated and I endeavor to address them all.
Thanks for looking.

If you haven't seen, and want to see the original construction thread then go here (http://www.sawmillcreek.org/showthread.php?254363-Another-2x72-Belt-Grinder).