View Full Version : Composite decking

Robert Willing
06-04-2017, 4:59 PM
Every few years I replace my deck top rails and i am thinking I would like to try some kind of composite to last longer, but all I see are boards with slot on the side. Also they do not match the pressure treated boards in color. What choice do I have? I live where HD, Lowes and Menards are my closest choices. HD is 38 miles away and the other two are 80+ miles.

Rich Enders
06-04-2017, 6:35 PM

Fiberon offers styles with and without side slots. They offer 8 colors, but I doubt any are like pressure treated lumber. Fiberon is carried by Home Depot, but my local HD only stocks one style and color. Fiberon's website is fairly informative about all of the offerings.

Robert Willing
06-04-2017, 8:14 PM
Thanks I will check out HD here.