View Full Version : Issue with Universal M25 Machine ID error

Heath Souter
05-25-2017, 3:28 AM
Hello, peoples...

I have had intermittent issues with our old ULS M25 where it would not intialize correctly (wont home etc)

ULS told me to try a reflash of the CPU before I look into replacing the CPU.

I performed this process, not i get a "Invalid Machine ID" error on the status lcd.

Does anyone know a process to enter this detail?

I did try going to Preferences/About and press the Start and Next file button (recommended by ULS) and this does nothing...

hopefully we can get it working again, as it is a great little machine.

Ian Stewart-Koster
05-29-2017, 8:43 AM
That same message happened to me once.
It was scary!
I unplugged every lead from the motherboard, and unplugged the massive 4 meg RAM chip as well.
Then gently blew the dust off everything.
Then I plugged everything back in agan.
It behaved properly and booted up normally after that.