View Full Version : Help? S-l-o-w serial transmission of files to laser?

JB Lynn
05-15-2017, 3:03 PM

Will keep this short as possible! We've been using a Gravograph LS800 40 watt machine since 2010. Machine is on a serial connection (USB not an option) and we use CadLink Engravelab 9 on a Windows 10 system. Beginning about 5 months ago the file transfer of anything other than text or vector is painfully slow. We can send raster job of say 3 MB and the transfer time (before I can start the engraving) might be 15 minutes! This used to be a 2-3 minute process. I have the correct serial port settings, what else might we verify? Have contacted Gravograph and although well meaning, they don't have a solution other than to say to use a different cable :confused:

Thanks in advance,

JB Lynn

Kev Williams
05-15-2017, 7:02 PM
since you're using Engravelab and not Gravostyle, this may be useless, however, since this is also common to the Corel driver, maybe not :)

I'm not on serial, but parallel. I've tried serial but got erratic results for some reason, so I've stuck with parallel.
However, upload times were pretty much identical either way. I mention this because my machine has no USB ports either...

This is the 'choices' meny of my LS900 driver, you may have a similar menu?

Choices are,
engrave from a photo (the camera),
automatic mode (the computer monitor),
engrave grayscale (gray bars)
and engrave halftone (diagonal lines)
below those is the invert icon, and the gray % slider...
Since day 1 I've always uses grayscale at full black, as it's the fastest way to upload. Only time the slider changes is when I'm engraving some sort of bitmap.
The slider only works with halftone and grayscale, no slider with color..

That all said-- heaven help me if I accidentally or otherwise, choose the halftone/diagonal lines setting...
A 1/4" tall letter "I" takes like 5 minutes to upload. I have no idea why, it's totally ridiculous. Which is sad, because halfone is actually a good way to engrave,
as it totally ignores layers or anything hidden and engraves EXACTLY/VERBATIM what you see on screen, just like printing to paper.
But OMG it takes forever- I've given up and rebooted before rather than keep waiting...

SO-- Just wondering if you're trying to upload in halftone?