View Full Version : vcarve pro file problem,

Todd Mueller
04-28-2017, 11:25 AM
a year ago i bought a piranha cnc, it came with vcarve software,

i have one crv file that i somehow missed coverting to a dxf before i sold the machine and transfered the software licensing over to a new owner

I need someone that i could send the crv file to and just simply convert it to me into a dxf, so i can load the file again with my new software.

Is there anyone that would be willing to do this for me, i cant find any other software that is free that will load and convert my crv file.

Todd Mueller
phone 515-202-9669
email: muellertr@gmail.com

I can email you the file, its a small one of windmill artwork.

Jerome Stanek
04-28-2017, 12:10 PM
I could look at it and see if I could change it back
Email is

Stanekconstruction at gmail.co

Jerome Stanek
04-28-2017, 2:24 PM
Check your email I sent it back as a DXF

Todd Mueller
04-28-2017, 2:34 PM
Check your email I sent it back as a DXF

It worked just fine, thank you.

now if i just knew how to close this thread?