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Mark Davison
02-25-2017, 10:04 AM
When I start up the machine, it fails to fully initialise and all the lights on the keypad flash along with a warning "beep".

I have the message in Job Control error "147 Y axis error".

Unfortunately its weekend and Trotec is closed until Monday. Does anybody know what I need to do to resolve this error?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Mark Sipes
02-25-2017, 12:32 PM
Just for clarification Can you manually move the table up, and the laser head to the center of the table. Physically trip all the stop limit switches X, Y and Z axis. make sure all magnets are still located on all the doors, right, left, front and top. now makes sure all doors are closed so the limit/safety switches are engraved. Now when you power up the table.. what are the steps the machine takes before the alarms go off.....


Mark Davison
02-25-2017, 12:52 PM
Havent tried to manually move the table up or down, but the head can be moved freely on both x and y axis.

When I power on the machine, what it does will depend on which position I have moved the head to. If the head is at position 0/0 it goes through part of its initialisation sequence but stops before its finished and the error /alarm sounds.

If I move the head to the middle of the table, it travels back to 0/0 then starts to perform initialisation of the head and stops at the same time as if it were at position 0/0.

If I move the head to say the bottom left, bottom right or top right corner, then the head doesnt travel to position 0/0 it goes through the head initialisation and the error alarm etc sounds.

I hope that makes sense.

I dont think the table moves at all, its near the bottom if not at the bottom. Im not sure if the table is meant to set before the head (only had the machine 2 weeks so please excuse the ambiguity)

Mark Sipes
02-26-2017, 4:50 PM
Sorry I looked through all my service data but my machine/literature does not address and error 147. But with a machine that is only 2 weeks old...... Trotec Tech is your best bet. Ask them for a service manual (pdf) if you feel you can handle the mechanical aspect of repair/replace components.....


Mike Null
02-26-2017, 6:31 PM
147 is a Y axis tracking error. But I can't be of any further help.

Tony Lenkic
02-26-2017, 7:30 PM
Mike is correct.

Had a same issue with my laser on X axis and had to replace motor.

Mark Davison
02-27-2017, 1:14 AM
Thank you for the replies, I will contact Trotec today (Monday).

I will post the answer to this problem when I know what it is.

Mark Davison
02-28-2017, 12:54 PM
Unfortunately I cant tell you what the Trotec tech guy did exactly suffice to say he removed the left hand panel and reset something. The jist of it is that the zero position was wrong, why the machine had developed this fault he was unable to say.

Sorry I cant give you more meaningful information.

Mike Null
02-28-2017, 5:33 PM
It is possible that you may have inadvertently moved the y axis sensor which could cause that problem. Usually the zero adjustment can be made on the computer unless it is too far out of the parameter.