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Barb Macdonald
02-24-2017, 12:59 PM
Hello all.
We are getting a brand spanking new laptop soon, it will have Windows 10 installed on it. CorelDrawx8 is the latest greatest version, apparently, which is what we will be purchasing. My question.
Will x8 allow you to "back-save" files to older CD versions?
We currently run CDx3, and it runs our laser, which is on windowsXP. I have no intention of changing that config. Just want to know if CDx8 will allow back-saving.
TIA, for any replies.
ps. Yes, I did a forum search. The general consensus was hard to ascertain, as in, there didn't seem to be one..

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Mike Null
02-24-2017, 1:14 PM
I don't have 8 but I am certain that you can back save files. There is no reason for them to remove a valuable feature like that.

Gary Hair
02-24-2017, 1:16 PM
I have X8, yes you can save back as far as 11.

Jim Coffee
02-25-2017, 9:34 AM
Your new laptop will most likely be a 64 bit operating system. Don't you need 32? I know that I do.

John Noell
02-25-2017, 2:49 PM
CorelDraw comes in both 32 and 64 bit.

Jerome Klutts
02-25-2017, 4:44 PM
I have x3 and just recently bought x8. you can save a file to x3. My problem is remembering to do it.

Jim Coffee
02-25-2017, 9:08 PM
Corel is not the problem. It's the Epilogue driver. I've got a 24TT Ext. It's about 12 years old. The driver works with just 32 bit.

Barb Macdonald
02-28-2017, 7:46 PM
Thanks, all! I plan to keep the laptop as the new and improved work horse, and avoid changing my WinXP/CDx3/epilog setup. I need to create x8 files, and then bring them over to the older computer. The sneaker network :) How old can the x8 files go? I assume I can back-save the file again, once I've created an x3 file to use on the epilog? Assuming usually gets one in trouble, of course.
That's my plan, anyway.
Work in progress, as usual.

John Noell
02-28-2017, 8:31 PM
dunno about 8 but x7 saves back to v11.

Gary Hair
02-28-2017, 10:33 PM
I answered that question back in the 3rd post.