View Full Version : Tube died, get to watch the game on the big screen

Joe Pelonio
02-05-2017, 6:29 PM
I only got to run 500 pieces of a 2,000 piece order before my tube died. I had expected to be working today with the game on my little 19" shop TV, but now I'm in the family room with the 50". Tomorrow I will have to call my customer, then Epilog, and Bell Laser for prices on a replacement. Despite one replacement on warranty in 1994 and another I had to pay for in 1996, this one has lasted close to 11 years. It's been getting weaker the last couple of years (speed 6 to cut 1/4" compared to speed 12 when new) but now it won't cut through 1/16" ABS at any speed, and on speed 2 it barely makes an invention in 1/4" acrylic. If Bell is cheaper, I go by their place every day on the way to work and back. Has anyone ever used them for a new tube or recharge? And now it's snowing hard, so I may be telecommuting tomorrow.

Kev Williams
02-05-2017, 6:52 PM
Sorry about your tube, hopefully you'll be back up in short order! Along with getting more work done, a big reason I have at least 2 of everything is so if one breaks I can still finish the job- usually ;)

Enjoy the game. I too am working (as usual)-- I have a 70" Sharp upstairs... As great as it is to watch anything on, I'm just not into football or even the commercials anymore. The wife's watching Law & Order, and we'll be watching the Walking Dead on once I finally give it up for the day. :)