View Full Version : New Avatar and its source

Dave Anderson NH
06-20-2003, 8:48 AM
As you will notice my avatar has changed to one you can actually see. We won't go into whether that's good or bad. ;-)) Zack Jennings emailed me and offered to manipulate a photo for me and make it into something visible and clear. Thanks Zack!!

The point is that Zack does this as a hobby and has kindly offered to do this for other folks here. If you are challenged like me when it comes to editing photos and have difficulty meeting the 50 x 50 pixel requirement, Zack can help you out. It would be nice to see more avatars in our little world so we can see who we are "talking" to. Zack can be contacted by sending an email to him at: zack@zackjennings.com The file size doesn't matter a whole lot since he has broadband and the download time is short. Be sure to thank him, it's a valuable service to our community.