View Full Version : It must be love!

Bruce Page
06-19-2003, 8:48 PM
Here’s a pic of my two labs doing what they do best. Zoey is very trusting!

Dan Bussiere
06-20-2003, 8:43 AM
This picture reminds me of me and my boss. Nuff said!

Ken Salisbury
06-20-2003, 12:04 PM
<p align="center">
<IMG src="http://www.kenswoodcentral.com/album/jeb.jpg"><p align="center"><font face="Comic Sans MS" color="#008000" size="4">&quot;Jeb and Hiawatha &quot;</font></p>

Glenn Clabo
06-20-2003, 5:08 PM
Hey Ken...started him young, eh?