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John Jimenez
12-15-2016, 8:50 AM
Hello Sawmill Creek Community!

I've been running this 60W Epilog Helix Laser cutter/engraver for some time now. I've seen this problem happen before but it comes and goes.

Does anyone have an idea what could be going on?

349507 349508

These lines are not in the art files.

Please advise if you have any experience with this and any solutions.

Thank you!

Uma Duffy
12-15-2016, 10:35 AM
Hi John, both costly and annoying to say the least. it happens in corel 17 for us. if we use a file from earlier versions ( a eps or bitmap) from 13 or 15 say in a 17 drawing, when you send it to print, the hidden box for some reason creates a line border -not a complete border- but segmented, just as you showed. if you run the art in the earlier program it was created- no annoying marks. same art work opened in 17 sent, as is, to print, it picks up, reads, or creates segmented border marks for some reason...just as you said no pattern no predicting. it's acting like a bug that creates registration marks .. we have spent a lot of time redrawing logos and artwork in 17 to get clean results. To answer your question i don't know how to fix it. other than redrawing if indeed we are talking about the same thing. So folks, is it a bug that was fixed with 18 or does someone really know and can help?

Bill George
12-15-2016, 11:00 AM
If the file is the same, and it comes and goes I would suspect something in the machine control system is not turning off the laser between letters. I would contact Epilog and send them the same pictures.

Kev Williams
12-15-2016, 11:52 AM
Is it an image file or a vector file?

This is what I'm engraving on all the wine glasses around here. (my customer won't mind the free advertising ;) )
On the left is the vector file I'm engraving, on the right is the image file I created the vector file from. (the taper counteracts the taper in the glass)
Now, I (we) can engrave from either one, but I hardly ever engrave image art because of your problem...

Heres the same images in wireframe. The image file shows in gray, that's how you know it's an image and not a vector...
But if you'll notice, there's a distinct black outline around the image-- and on many occasions over the years when engraving directly from image files, my machines (plural, they've all done it) will engrave all or part of the bottom, or the top, or both, of the horizontal borders. And it's totally random. One time engraved a dozen identical images in leather, and my customer found two of them with border lines at the top, just like yours

It is frustrating as hell. IF what you engraved is an image file, then it's likely the same deal...

If you're engraving just text or a vector file, then my bet would be a communication error, which usually means loose or bad connection between computer and machine, bad cable, loose wire, etc...

Uma Duffy
12-15-2016, 12:35 PM
The lines (line) is created by the program they show up using the laser, the dyesub printer which causes the most grief, and also the standard printer that's how i know it's corel 17 related. it will also happen when you import a in bedded ai or bitmap used in a file from the customer, but not always and not so much ina pdf format straight import. you can almost recreate this by taking a file (vector file made in earlier version) import to 17 spend hours in paint no mask, no border, clean, run the file and you will get a line just like mike shows. this doesn't happen in earlier version let say 15 importing from 11,13, ect. it started for us with 17 but that is our experience. Corel community advises to reinstall we did it over a year ago not a solution to this problem.