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Brian Book
12-14-2016, 10:37 PM
Hello All .... I can hardly contain myself .... just found out my Ray Fine 6040 is on it's way :)

Blanca sent me a video today

Hope it is ok to post a link



Bill George
12-14-2016, 10:59 PM
Yeah, in time for Christmas?

David Somers
12-14-2016, 11:40 PM
Congrats Brian!!! Hope you enjoy it and it arrives quickly!!!

Bert Kemp
12-15-2016, 12:48 AM
Looks good Brian. Wonder what photo program they use. I don't get good photos like that.

Scott Marquez
12-15-2016, 1:06 AM
Congrats on the machine, or should I say "mail order bride". LOL

Erik Goetheer
12-15-2016, 2:15 AM
LOL, congrats with your purchase. I know exactly what you are feeling now, while ..... http://www.sawmillcreek.org/showthread.php?249322-Technical-specification-for-my-new-laser-machine-a-few-questions&p=2634482#post2634482

I'm sure that we both will have a great time next year. :cool:

David Somers
12-15-2016, 3:08 PM
Bert....That is a sample image they provide with RDCAM. Not sure what the file itself was prepped with. You could ask Blanca at Ray Fine if she knows. (yanblanca@yahoo.com)

John Lifer
12-15-2016, 3:59 PM
I've seen that pic on the Rabbit laser website also. Must be std. But it looks good!
I like that the smaller machines have water temp reading, but I guess walking 3 ft to get to back side of mine is ok. Guess I could move the cooler around to the side :)

So it will make the ship Friday?
If so, it will make port by the first of Jan. Maybe you can get it pretty soon after!
I know you can't wait!

John Lifer
12-15-2016, 5:15 PM
Oh, and I notice it appears that you have a much better red dot than what's on mine but no autofocus that I can see. (that might not be too bad, mine was damaged in shipping and is rudimentary anyway).

Brian Book
12-15-2016, 5:23 PM
Thanx everyone ..... well when talking with Blanca she said about 50 days until it arrives at port ..... she said she has a warehouse in Toronto so they are shipping it there and I only live 45 min. from Toronto .... I'm thinking I might get it mid January ...... (fingers crossed) ..... just to let everyone know .... I have never used equipment like this before but I am really eager to learn .... I am a Pen Turner and wanted to initially engrave Pens but when I looked into else can be done and made thought about getting a more robust unit.

I hope everyone doesn't mind but I'm almost sure there are going to be a few questions along the way .... but I will do a search first :)

Erik I spent the summer in Enschede absolutely loved it .... I was considering going up in size but with all the other equipment in my shop .... there was no room left :(


Kev Williams
12-16-2016, 1:12 AM
FWIW, and this was 3 years ago, my Triumph left their parking lot 10-22-13, it arrived in town 11-27, 36 days later. That was the day before Thanksgiving and it was too big for a truck drop off so it sat in a warehouse till the day after Thanksgiving when I went and picked it up.
you guy's buying 1390's, this is what you'll be looking forward to!
-- that machine filled that crate wall to wall top to bottom, with only 1/2 styrofoam. They are that big!

So here's hoping your machine will get to you closer to 35 days than 55 :)

Erik Goetheer
12-16-2016, 6:40 AM
.... well when talking with Blanca she said about 50 days until it arrives at port .

.... I'm thinking I might get it mid January

Erik I spent the summer in Enschede absolutely loved it ....

Hi Brian, I'm not that good in math, but 50 days shipping doesn't add up with mid January,or is the ship already at sea since some weeks? 50 days, it's a lot.

Enschede is nice, as is the whole area aroud it. I live about 40 minutes from that city.

Bill George
12-16-2016, 1:34 PM
I am wondering why it just does not ship to the West coast and be trucked to where you are? Other wise the ship needs to go by way of the Panama canal and then up the East coast. It would take maybe 5 days by truck, who knows how many the long way via ship? You will need an agent to handle the FDA forms and customs. Expect to pay duty also.

Brian Book
12-16-2016, 5:37 PM
Well I might have gotten my wording mixed up a bit .... Blanca said 50 days from date of Order to the port

Erik I have to admit I sure do miss the Nederlands :(

Bill it is possible that they are shipping it by truck from the west coast to Toronto ... I just mentioned that Toronto was the nearest large city that I lived close to ..... but she never asked for more $$$$$ for shipping by Truck ?

Kev .... I'm kinda jealous I don't have a machine that BIG ! .... but there just isn't much room left in the Shop :(


Mac Quantz
04-11-2017, 9:07 PM
Hi Brian,

I am considering one these to add to my toy collection as well,

How easy was it to set up the order and delivery from them?

In the end, if you dont mind, how painful were the shipping and duties etc?


Brian Book
04-11-2017, 11:33 PM
Hi Mac .... to be Honest I would really hesitate to order the 6040 .... if I was going to do it all over again I would order the 5070 ..... the one I received was very poorly made and critical items were left out that I was fully expecting .... the shipping and duties and Broker ended up being almost $1,000.00 I still haven't finished getting it all setup to be near perfect .... but I'm hoping soon.

So if you want a decent machine opt for the bigger model .... from what I understand they may not ship this model to North America any more ??

Hope this helps


Kev Williams
04-12-2017, 12:39 AM
Interesting-- Lately the words "Ray Fine" have been used more often than "newbie here!"-- Mostly good reviews to be sure, but if memory serves, this is the second 'iffy' Ray Fine delivered as of late-

--Care to elaborate Brian?

It seems that both machines may have been victims of the Chinese New Year, built by a skeleton crew who'd rather have been out partying?

(pure conjecture to be sure, but...)

John Lifer
04-12-2017, 8:58 AM
Brian may chime in, but from the other posts, it seems that the 6040 being the cheapest model, is pretty much thrown together. And is missing things such as ports and switches that the higher end models have. They don't have a lot of details out there and I think they are trying to price match their competition. That isn't always good for the end user. I guess it is a wonder any of these things​ work.

Jimmy Myburgh
04-12-2017, 11:39 AM
Hi Brian, out of curiosity, which RF6040 did you buy, - the "tabletop/economy"(black/white) or the full cabinet one(blue/grey) ?
I ordered the tabletop model at the time of your trouble, questioned your problems with Bryant, whereupon he suggested; they "upgrade" mine to the more solid cabinet style, but,(reducing the cabinet/machine height by 10cm), with HIWIN rails and 3 phase stepper driver, etc at an additional cost of $300, which I accepted. He did say they had to many complaints about the "economy" model and are going to discontinue it, as people compare it to more expensive models of them and other manufacturers.
I started my order 6 March, heard ship will depart this weekend, so it has been a long and frustrating time of waiting, hope it will be worth it at the end.

Brian Book
04-12-2017, 11:18 PM
Hello all .... yes it appears that I ordered the Desktop model .... but to be honest if I had known that it was going to built so poorly I would have opted to upgrade ... but at the time of ordering it wasn't explained to me that my unit was below standards .... yes I bought the Desktop model and I can understand why they want to discontinue it .... I have barely used my machine to date .... I'm still trying to figure a way to install quick connects between the Rotary and Y axis ... and I'm still waiting for the parts to be machined so I am able to adjust the Table Blades .... none of mine are even and as it was explained to me .... pick the highest one and then shim the other ones to match the height ??????????????? ... I just know if I had to do it all over again .... I would and I would not order this machine.

Sorry for venting :(


Mac Quantz
04-15-2017, 1:20 PM
Thanks for the update Brian.
It's unfortunate that your long awaited purchase has not lived up to your expectations.

Take care