View Full Version : Cold weather reminder

Steve Ash
10-09-2005, 10:11 AM
Woke up this morning to frost on the grass, which reminded me to get some things taken care of before it gets real cold, like my pressure washer in the garage which I needed to get down to the basement. Also the swimming pool pump I left out on the pool deck 2 weeks ago. So....if you need to get things ready before old man winter comes.....Git-R-Done.:D

Jim Becker
10-09-2005, 11:22 AM
That's what has been keeping me out of the shop lately...getting things ready for what will be a "more expensive heating season". But I believe the time and effort is worth it. Some of the projects are things that we needed to do long ago, but never got around to it. The last major step will be tomorrow afternoon when the underside of the floor in our great room will get shot with 3" of foam insulation that will be replacing the improperly installed and largely missing batts. That room has been the one cold spot in the house and this last step will finally get most of it dealt with.

I had wanted to "tour the property" this weekend and cut up fallen branches for firewood, but that will have to wait...we've had "torential" rain for the last two days and any kind of outdoor activity is just not going to happen!

Karl Laustrup
10-09-2005, 8:13 PM
Thanks for the reminder STEVE. :( :p :D

And just when I was starting to like you!!! ;) :D :D


John Hart
10-09-2005, 10:36 PM
Finally bought a fireplace insert over the summer and got it installed....And I've squirreled away about 2 tons of free firewood. The fires burning tonight and it's great. I sure hope to knock down the gas bill this winter!