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Dave Crabbs
06-18-2003, 8:02 PM
Hi All,
I was asked to make a gun vice or stand. I know nothing about guns so, I was wondering if anyone knows of plans for one. I was told that it is used to hold a rifle on a bench so you can work on it (mount scopes or clean it Not Shoot it). Any ideas where to look for plans for one?

Don Henthorn Smithville, TX
06-18-2003, 8:49 PM
I've seen ads for such things in gun magazines. You might contact the local gun or sportsman's club for references. If you are in a large city there is probably a large gun shop somewhere that mnight even have them in stock. Wrth a try.

Brad Hammond
06-18-2003, 10:43 PM
dave, i've built a couple for myself over the last couple of years, but i can't seem to keep one for very long after i take it to the range.........i always get an offer i cant refuse.
here's a pic a gun vice. this was the first pic i came across doing a google search, but there are many variations. they're very simple. the hardest part of the whole deal is to decide whether or not you want a wooden screw mechanism for securing the stock for cleaning.
this pic has a good design feature on the base. if you leave a little lip with trim or something the small screws and pins that are used for gun smithing will not roll off and get lost.
hope this helps.

Kevin Beck
06-18-2003, 10:47 PM
The link below shows one example of a long gun cleaning stand. You should be able to google search for "rifle cleaning stand" and find more.

These are pretty simple to build. I would be concerned with what finish to use that won't be harmed by the solvents/oils used to clean a firearm. I have a plastic cleaning stand made by MTM. Outers and other folks also make similar cleaning devices.

No affiliation with the site below, I wouldn't think a plan would be necessary for something so simple.

If I was half as competent at woodworking as I am at shooting my scrap pile wouldn't be nearly as large. Of course I have a 30 year head start with shooting.

rifle cleaning stand (http://www.storm.ca/~debin666/html/projects2.html)

Dave Crabbs
06-19-2003, 7:14 PM
Thanks Everyone,
This is a big help for me. Like I stated I know nothing about gun other than when you pull the trigger they go BANG. The pictures and website are very helpful. I will show him the pictures and see if this is what he wants.
Again Thanks,