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David Falkner
11-30-2016, 4:40 PM
There's really nothing new here but since I just built this I thought I'd post it. I have needed a table saw sled for some time but just kept putting it off, however, I have an ongoing project that is going to require I have one for many repetitive angled and beveled cuts so it was time to build it. One thing I hate about using my table saw is all the dust that flies back at me and covers me in dust but right now I don't really want to build an overhead dust collection system. So since I'll be using this sled often I figured why not build in a little dust control - right!

I already had the piece of Birch plywood from dismantling a shelf unit I build about 30 years ago so with a couple of 2x4's and some Maple for runners I had all the makings. Since I just finished building the CNC router and had some 1/2" MDF on hand so it just made sense to cut the dust collection parts on the CNC. I've only made one cut with the sled but it kept about 95% of the dust off of me so that's a good thing! Some of it still went in the air but I didn't have to wear it! LOL!

There are some other fixtures that will mount to the sled but those aren't ready yet. I'll post photos when I get that completed.

Parts on the CNC -
http://i1256.photobucket.com/albums/ii494/difalkner/Table%20saw%20sled%20dust%20collection%20parts%20o n%20CNC%20-%2011-28-16_zpsbjrzmiiu.jpg

Sled -


Ted Reischl
12-14-2016, 3:28 PM
Good idea, it might work a tad better if you extended some acrylic out over the cut zone and dropped it near the work. Maybe on a continuous hinge?

I like the idea, may modify the sled I use for cutting box miters in a similar fashion.

Thanks for posting, a really good idea.