View Full Version : Art/Drawing Software for Windows 10?

daniel coyle
11-29-2016, 2:44 AM
Recently got some really great advice on Vectorization on here and am looking for an affordable drawing program to download/buy for my Windows 10 computer. The last one I owned was Corel Draw 12 (the computer it was downloaded to busted) but I don't think that can be downloaded to Windows 10 and it looks like Corel X4 cannot either? Any suggestions/advice? I don't want to spend a fortune and don't need really high end stuff and so the Corel X8 is, hopefully, not the only option. Thanks in advance.

Ian Stewart-Koster
11-29-2016, 7:43 AM
There should be no reason Corel 12 or X4 won't work- even if set to run in XP compatibility mode.
However, if you had a legitimate older version of Corel, and you registered it, Corel often emails great deals. Like an upgrade to the latest version for $250...

Bert Kemp
11-29-2016, 10:45 AM
Inkscape and Draftsight are free not sure if they work on 10 but they should tell you on the websight

how to load on 10

Michael Hunter
11-29-2016, 3:50 PM
I'm running Corel X3 on my 32-bit W10 computer that I use to drive the laser, so X4 should be fine too.

I seem to remember having to download a patch from Corel to make it work properly, but it is running in "normal" mode (not compatibility mode).

The "Home and Student" version of Corel X8 is pretty cheap - but only use it if you are operating the laser on a hobby basis!

Gary Hair
11-29-2016, 4:32 PM
but only use it if you are operating the laser on a hobby basis!

and don't need the ability to use macros or want to upgrade in the future.

Kev Williams
11-29-2016, 4:41 PM
Cheaper to buy a used computer with win7 that any Corel will work with, than buying a Corel that'll work with WINightmare...

Martin Boekers
11-29-2016, 5:11 PM
I'm running Win 10 with X7 64bit it works fine. Never buy retail.. Corel always has a sale get on their list.
One thing to remember software is a main tool. You won't get a better return for a couple hundred dollars.
What I save in productivity was well worth the $$$ ;)

William Adams
11-29-2016, 9:17 PM
A new option, if you're running a 64-bit version of Windows is Serif's Affinity Designer --- it started as a Mac OS X app, modeled on Freehand, but has just completed an open beta and is now available.

daniel coyle
11-29-2016, 9:42 PM
Thanks everyone for the clarifications on compatibility and other options. I think I will just get Draw 12 or X4. For my chinese software I need something that can generate AI files and I haven't been able to do that with inkscape.

Julian Ashcroft
11-30-2016, 2:34 AM
Being a cheapskate I use Inkscape, it works fine in Windows 10. It has all the features (and probably a lot more) that I need to use for designs. Plenty of videos and websites out there to help with tutorials, etc.

daniel coyle
11-30-2016, 2:40 PM
I have inkscape but I can't save my files in AI in inkscape (that I can see). My chinese laser software will import AI but not the other vector files that I can save as in inkscape.

David Somers
11-30-2016, 9:44 PM

I dont have inkscape loaded right now so I dont remember. Is there an export function? If yes, AI may be in there rather than Save/save as. Just a thought.

Also, if this is not your sole computer you might give some thought to isolating it from the internet. Then load up a stable version of Windows and a version of Corel you like and can afford. Win XP and an older version of Corel for example. Or Win7 and some other more current version of Corel. That way you avoid all the need for firewalls and AV software, and you stay away from Windows updates, etc. So long as you can take data to it via USB........

Just a thought.


John Lifer
11-30-2016, 10:24 PM
Yeah watch for sales, Corel had upgrade down to $149 (not sure what version was lowest that it would upgrade from) full version$399. For black Friday weekend. I think it ended yesterday, but maybe not. Inkscape works wih win 10 OK, but I can't get files to upload into rdworks correctly. I ended up giving up and going with Corel x7