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Bill Carruthers
11-28-2016, 12:56 AM
Just thought I should post a little warning that I have not seen mentioned here before.
I ordered my 100 watt machine with a CW 5200 chiller and it duly arrived packed inside the laser and I set it up fairly easily even with the rather vague Chinglish instruction book. After about a year of trouble free use one day the flow alarm started beeping loudly ,red lights flashing madly, and the only way to make it stop was to turn the machine off.
After checking for the common problems like insufficient water or kinked hoses I was a bit stumped so
I got on to the company's website: http://www.teyuchiller.com/ and contacted their support team with an explanation of my problem. They responded swiftly with one of their engineers telling me it was almost certainly the 24 volt water pump or the 24 volt power adaptor that was faulty.
He then asked me to send him the number of the bar code on the back of the machine348445
When I went to do so - Surprise! - no bar code sticker - so went back to him, and he asked for pictures of the interior of my machine - I sent him some and he came back and said it was not their machine at all but was a nearly exact copy made by another company in northern China but which uses cheaper components and does not offer a 2 year guarantee (which Teyu do). My machine was externally exactly like the Teyu machine right down to the wording on the little plaque on the lower right of the picture!
My laser supplier guy was surprised to learn that his purchasing department had stopped buying the genuine Teyu chillers some years ago because of reduced transport costs and a slightly cheaper price.
as well as some supply issues. He said that most of the laser companies in Northern China were using this alternate supplier.
But when I asked him to get me a wiring circuit diagram so I could analyse and fix the problem, he was told they would not release the information because ( I love this) I could use the information to start building my own chillers!!!:confused:
Also I could find no mention of them anywhere online at all.
I managed to find out that both the 24 volt pump and power adaptor were faulty and found a 24 volt power adaptor locally and my laser supply guy sent me a 24 volt pump so I eventually got it up and running again albeit with some difficulties exacerbated by the lack of a wiring plan.
But it would be wise for any chiller purchasers to check the provenance of their machines. Caveat Emptor still applies!

Erik Goetheer
11-28-2016, 4:29 AM
Wow, that's a nasty experience. I'm in the process of buying a Chinese machine, with a chiller of course, so this information is very helpful for me. Thanks for sharing.

John Lifer
11-28-2016, 11:16 AM
One of the laser suppliers made note of this. I think in fact that it is an eBay seller.... If no label with serial #, and I assume the actual original manufacturer is S&A, they note that several caps and markings have S&A logo, counterfeits have no logo. But good to know.

Dave Sheldrake
11-28-2016, 8:00 PM
Same with some tubes, especially RECI...the RECI layout is changing on the new tubes though and will be harder to copy to start with (water in/out nearer the middle of the tube not at the ends)

David Somers
11-28-2016, 9:42 PM
Thanks Bill! Will check mine.

Andy Butters
11-30-2016, 4:26 PM
Welcome to China! They really don't give two hoots over there about copyright, or intellectual property.

Doug Fisher
12-02-2016, 11:48 PM
>>they note that several caps and markings have S&A logo, counterfeits have no logo<<

I remember finding that page too when I was looking.

Mine has a serial number sticker like shown in the picture along with a hologram QC sticker. I hope it is legit!