View Full Version : Carbon or Comfort box changing

Mark Ward
11-24-2016, 8:23 AM
How do all of you guys determine when it is the carbon or the comfort box filter that needs to be changed?
It always seem just guesswork on our end and I take a punt on which I think it might be.

David Somers
11-25-2016, 12:18 AM
Mark....I feel ignorant asking this...but what is a comfort box filter? Sounds almost something you would find in the loo? <grin> Surely its not associated with the laser?

Seriously though. I have no clue what the comfort box is, but for the carbon you may be able to contact the manufacturer and find out from them how much weight a given amount of charcoal will accumulate before it is considered spent. Then it is a matter of either knowing what the volume of carbon is in the filter and weighing it before you install it. Then weigh it periodically until you hit that weight.

That may sound silly, but I used to live in Hawaii on top of an active volcano and we had big issues with Sulphur Dioxide gas. When the gas plume came our way we would close the windows in the house and fire up a special filter that had a carbon filter in it with a special chemical that absorbed the SO2. We weighed it before we installed the carbon, and then weighed it periodically after that. The manufacturer told us how much it would weigh when it was spent and that was what we were watching for. That was also how our US Geological Service Volcano Observatory measured the status of their carbon filters (the same carbon mixture) used to protect observatory workers since the building was right on the rim of the caldera and got a ton of SO2 tossed at it by the volcano. (the volcano was Kilauea on the Big Island of Hawaii if you were interested.)

Hope that helps a little! Now....about that comfort box? <grin>