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Dave Anderson NH
06-17-2003, 10:51 PM
Most of you have seen the awl and the marking gage done in the 18th century style. I just felt like giving you a better quality photo.

The marking knives were my response to the only problem I have had with the Lee Valley knife. It's too wide to fit in the small area of the pins of miniature and halfblind dovetails. The handles are like the awl, Indian rosewood. The steel is O1 from MSC and was tempered for the full length of the bevel with a standard propane torch which is barely adequate to get it up to temperature. Annealing was done at 325 degrees F in the kitchen oven. The larger knife uses the steel full factory size at 3/8" x 3/32" while I ground the smaller one down to 5/16" wide for the really small stuff. The 3 1/2" long blades are set 2 1/4" into a drilled hole filled with epoxy. They work really well and were tested immediately after the shellac was dry.