View Full Version : does ULS speak G-code or another language?

Nicolas Silva
11-03-2016, 1:36 PM
This is just a curiosity question - does anyone with an Actual working knowledge of ULS lasers know how the vectors are translated by the print driver? and what does it spit out to the actual unit? Just curious and wondering how I could capture that to analyze. cheers!

Lee DeRaud
11-03-2016, 5:16 PM
On my VL200, the intermediate file looks a lot like Windows EMF format with an extra header that contains the power and speed in for the eight control colors. I suspect the driver that pushes it out the USB converts that to something simpler for the onboard processor on the fly.

Note also that (AFAIK) there is no provision in the G-code spec for anything remotely resembling raster data.