View Full Version : Discussion Eliminate duplicate nodes?

Mayo Pardo
10-24-2016, 11:35 PM
Anyone know if Corel X5 has a function to automatically eliminate duplicate nodes or nodes which are so close to each other that they are just about one on top of another?

I just downloaded the Boys and Girls Club logo in .eps format from their own web site and it's horrible.
Nodes out of place, nodes on top of nodes, and curves with slightly flat spots in them.
Some of it you have to zoom in on real close and you can see curves bulging out of places that should be a nice radius.
Their web site claims the font was designed for them but I suspect it may only be an altered version of something already done.

After spending about 2 hours cleaning it up I was thinking maybe Corel has a function to eliminate duplicate or "too close" nodes
or maybe there's a script for it? Or maybe Aspire has something similar?